This Week...

Hello All,

*Math:* Thank you for your patience as we are figuring how how the flipped
classroom will work best. Please remember students only need to do the
assigned Visual Learning and Quick Checks. I will update our calendar with
the assignments for now, but students should have the information written
in their agendas. We will start having math quizzes once a week. The
quizzes will be on the material from the Visual Learning Activities for the
past week. Students will be offered a retake on all quizzes near the end
of the quarter. All retakes will be on the same day, and students can
select what quizzes they would like to retake. I will let you know when
the date approaches.

*Reading*: Students are working the the QAR (question, answer, response)
strategy. This strategy helps students understand what questions are
asking them to do and how they are asking them to think about the text. *There
are no reading response questions this week, we are typing our stories
instead. *

*Writing: *We are finishing up our first Narrative Writing stories.
Students should type for 20 minutes a night for homework until they have
finished with their stories. They should be working on their CPS Google

*Reminders: *
Long Distance Classic Tomorrow At 9:30
Math Quiz Tomorrow
10/18 Picture Day
Donate Socks for Socktober!

Please remember, if you have any questions to email me in a new thread in
order to make it easier for me to respond.

Have a great night!

Ms. Jones
Fourth Grade Teacher
LaSalle Language Academy