LLA Student Walk Out for Gun Safety

LLA Student Walk Out for Gun Safety
As we all know, we are witnessing a historic effort on the part of students across the country to use their agency to make change to American gun laws as a result of school shootings. I could not be more proud of our incredible 8th graders and their hard work organizing our LaSalle school walk out.

Last week, I was approached by a group of six 8th graders to plan and organize. We met for about an hour and planned out what a walkout would include, as well as what is and is not allowed. We brainstormed what might be included in a flyer, which was then created by the students themselves (attached below). As you can see, they researched and thought carefully about what to include and how to make the most impact.

As you may have noticed, 5th-8th grade will not be taking a PARCC assessment tomorrow to ensure there is no disruption to testing as a result of the walkout. Students will be expected to move quietly through the hallway as 3rd and 4th grade will still be testing.

Students who choose to participate will walk outside to the playground and sit together towards the back of our lot. The walkout will last for exactly 17 minutes and take place at 10:00am, as it will be throughout the country. Teachers will go outside for supervision purposes only and to ensure student safety. There will also be teachers who remain behind to supervise students who do not intend to walk out.

We ask that parents respect the fact that this will be a STUDENT walk out, and is not a field trip. While students will leave the school building, they will not leave school grounds. As our 3rd grade rooms will be testing and are located closely to the main door, we ask that parents do not enter the building. If you are interested in coming to watch our students in action, please stand outside the fence near the students to observe.

Again, we are so proud of our awesome students and their desire to change their world. If there is any group of students who can create change, it is this generation. Go Leopards!

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