The Friends of LaSalle is an independent 501c3 tasked with three goals:

  1. To raise funds for the school
  2. To coordinate volunteers
  3. To plan community events

All parents of children at and employees of LaSalle Language Academy are automatically members of the Friends of LaSalle.  There are no dues.

Your Friends of LaSalle officer's committee for the 2018-2019 school year is:

  • Ian Smithdahl, President -
  • Sheila O'Donnell, Vice President in charge of Communication
  • Kaisa Auge-Katz, Vice President in charge of Fundraising
  • Keesha Tyler, Treasurer
  • Justin Burtnett, Secretary

Your Friends of LaSalle committee Directors are:

  • Ben Hosek and Sean Slattery, acting Building and Safety
  • Yani Sandoval and Ian Smithdahl, Communications
  • Elaine Lee and Erica Harris, acting Community Building
  • Rachael Russ and Huili Feng, acting Fine Arts
  • Carolynn Fisher, Giving Tree
  • Hilary Hudson-Hosek, Room Reps
  • Chris Broyles, Sports
  • Rupal Bapat, Student Exchange Program
  • Courtney Johnson, Teacher Appreciation
  • Jennifer Medley, Teacher Projects Funding
  • Nora Gallagher and Rachael Russ, Welcome Committee
  • Bindi Lessing, Wellness, Nutrition and Garden