Students have been given the Pinocchio's script, and each of them has a part. Please make sure they start memorizing the lines.


Study Italian

Finish the whole study guide!!! Study by heart the verbs.

Study guide

Read the second reading on the study guide and answer the questions with full sentences.

Study and conjugate all the verbs on the study guide. THIS HOMEWORK IS FOR MONDAY 12 February. The Test will be on Monday 19 February. 


Finish the verb chart we started in class. Study the verbs at passato and presente (mangiare, partire, ritornare, cantare, avere, dormire)



Do the first activity on the study guide for Monday.


Students, you will take a test on the material you have been studying. The test will comprise: 2 reading/writing comprehansions, a short composition where you will tell what you did the day or the weekend before, conjugate verbs at the present and passato prossimo, and the determinative articles. You must know the vocabulary related to the city, food, and planets. You will be given a study guide today. Please make sure to start studying, and study everyday to better assimilate the material and prepare for the test. The test will be on February 12, 2018.

Study Verbs

Study the verbs FARE, ARRIVARE, SAPERE, ANDARE at the present and past tense.


Study the verb ANDARE at the present and passato prossimo. Read carefully the song.  Write 3 sentences using passato prossimo. Speak about what you did yesterday.

Review the following words (you must know them very well):

Il cibo

They are singolar and plural

L'arancia/le arance, la banana/le banane, la carota/le carote, la cipolla /le cipolle, il fagiolo/i fagioli, la frutta, il gelato/i gelati, l'insalata, il limone/i limoni, la mela/le mele, la patata/le patate

la pera/ le pere, il pomodoro/i pomodori, l'uva, la verdura/le verdure.

I luoghi in citta'  (Places in the city)


Study the verb potere, and review sapere and volere