This Week...


Welcome back! We are back into the swing of things and have had a great
couple of days so far. I was very impressed by the number of points
students earned towards the Winter Break Challenge! I know there are a lot
of dates coming up. Please make sure to keep the link to our classroom
calendar, as I update it regularly.

*Scholastic Book Club Orders*
If you would like to purchase books, go online to: enter
our Class Code: *NMDYR. *Follow the instructions to place your order
online by *Jan. 31*.

*NWEA Testing*
Students will take the test next Wednesday and Thursday morning.

This week, we started a new Science Unit about waves. Thank you to the
parents who signed up to bring in supplies. Please make sure to have them
in by next Tuesday. This week, we students have learned new vocabulary
word that will help them with this unit. There will be a vocabulary quiz
on Friday. Students should have brought home a sheet with the words, and
we will practice more in class. Next week, we will put our new vocabulary
to work and start experimenting with waves.

This week, we are finishing our Topic 4 lessons. Students have learned how
to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers. Next week, we will practice for
the Topic 4 test, which will be next Friday (Jan. 19).

This week, we have launched our research projects. Students are working in
teams to research weather related topics. They have chosen a topic and
will work on synthesizing self selected texts.

Ms. Jones
Fourth Grade Teacher
LaSalle Language Academy