This Week...

Hello All,

This week, we are continuing to learn how to read non-fiction text with
intensity. We have learned how to preview and make connections with a
text. Over the next week, we will notice how nonfiction texts are
organized and how to tackle challenging texts. To support your child at
home, ask them to pay attention to all of the non-fiction around them
(newspapers, magazines, books, cereal boxes...). Try to encourage them to
select non-fiction text as part of their nightly reading homework.

Over the next week in writing, we are working on writing opinion essays.
Students are learning the format of an essay. They have learned that an
essay starts with a thesis statement and three reasons to support their
opinion. Next, they write their first reason and at least three pieces of
evidence to support their claim. You can have your child practice at home
by telling you their opinion about a given topic.

Today, we finished Topic 3 and will begin Topic 4 tomorrow. I hope you
have noticed a big change already in the way your child thinks about math.
I have noticed they have started to develop strong skills and tools to help
them tackle challenging word problems. Now that we have gotten into the
swing of a flipped classroom model, there has been a huge improvement in
formative and summative test scores. Students are able to spend
significantly more time working in small groups and talking about math
using this model. You will find an overview of Topic 4 attached to this

Ms. Jones
Fourth Grade Teacher
LaSalle Language Academy