Final Writing Piece


I hope you had a great week. We have worked hard finishing up our first
narrative writing stories. I am asking if possible to have the stories
printed and stapled to be turned in on Monday. If you don't have a printer
at home- please email me and I am happy to print their story at school. If
your child would like to illustrate their story, they can feel free, but
this is by no means necessary.

Don't forget quiz retakes are on Monday! Also, next week is "re-do" week.
All homework and classwork turned in can be used to replace their lowest
grade of that item. For example, if they received a 2 on their Reader's
Notebook one week- that grade can be replaced with their Reader's Notebook
grade for next week (if they do better).

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Jones
Fourth Grade Teacher
LaSalle Language Academy