The 7th Grade Class has worked cooperatively with CPS high school students to apply budgeting, planning, and research skills during Library to celebrate with an end of the year party on June 9th. However, we need the help of the LaSalle community to support our fundraising efforts.

On Thursday, May 18th, seventh graders will be hosting three (3) fundraising events after school in the playground garden and the Library.

Reptile Zoo with FrogLady in the Library Thursday, May 18th 4pm-5:15pm
Join Froglady (Norah & Charlie Duritsa's Aunt) and her menagerie of reptiles in the Library. Many reptiles you will observe, some you may be able to touch. There will be snakes, frogs, lizards and many more reptiles. Children in grades K-3 will participate from 4:00-4:30pm (cost $5) and students in grades 4-8 will participate from 4:35-5:15pm (cost $7). Parent chaperones will be charged $2. Limited numbers of tickets are sold for this event. Below, fill in your child's name, home room number, and $ (cash only) in sealed envelope marked "Reptile Zoo" before Thursday, May 18. If space is available, a $2 surcharge for late ticket purchases will be added on the day of the event.

Used Book Sale in Playground Garden Thursday, May 18th 4pm-5:15pm
So maybe interacting with reptiles isn't your thing, but reading and building a home library is your thing. Do we have an event for you! Seventh graders are donating their gently used picture books, favorite series books (Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Goosebumps, etc) and other K-6 chapter books full of adventure, mystery, past and the future for an amazing price of $1 for paperbacks and $2 for hard cover books. Check out our book buying incentives and raffle to win the Captain Underpants stand. Lasalle families are welcome to bring in used book donations before Thursday, May 18. Used books not sold will be made into Summer Reading Bags and also donated to Books First and Open Books.

Ice Cold Water Stand on the Playground Thursday, May 18th 4pm-5:15pm
For your convenience, we are offering ice cold water bottles (and flavoring) to quench your thirst. Bottles are $1 and recycling water bottles is a MUST!

Hope to see you on Thursday, May 18th!

The Tropical Beach Committee and 7th Grade Class

Thursday, May 18, 2017 -
4:00pm to 5:15pm