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5th/6th Grade Families
October 7, 2017
Greetings 5/6 Grade Family,

Happy Columbus Day weekend. We are at the midpoint of the first quarter. Progress reports were sent home with students on Friday. Please note that this is progress report and an indicator of your child’s performance thus far. We are continuing to move forward with our daily curriculum in all the academic classes. Please continue to stay updated with the weekly homework documents. You can click the links on the side for access to your child’s respective grade level.

Curricular Updates

5^th Grade Literacy
5th graders are working on narrative units in writing. There will be a focus on stretching out thoughts by using descriptive language and formatting dialogue.

In reading, the group has reviewed fiction story elements, and we will be moving on to theme. When working on theme, they will also be learning to summarize a text, as well as use specific text details to support theme analysis. Check in with your child and see how they are progressing with their yearly reading goal!

6^th Grade Literacy
6th graders are working on narrative units in writing. There is a focus on pacing and character development. The group has also worked to review fiction story elements, and we will be moving on to theme. The students will also be working on summarizing without using any personal judgments or statements, as well analyzing the theme and central idea using specific details. Students will be introduced to Book Talks this week. Book talks are an excellent way for students to talk up their recent reads. My students always walk away from presentations with a few new books to add to their TBR pile (To Be Read). Check in with your child and see how they are progressing with their yearly reading goal!

5^th Grade Math
Students are off to a great start. We have been working on finding patterns within powers of ten and exploring decimal place value, expanded form, and word form. They had their first set of quizzes last week and will have another on Wednesday, wrapping up the standard on place value. We have also been working hard on the problem of the month and will be writing our first extended response.

6^th Grade Math
Students have been expanding their study of operations from last year and working on operations with decimals. This coming week students will have a quiz on long division and then shortly after that a quiz on dividing with decimals. This will complete our study of decimals as we move onto fractions. We have also finished up or problem of the month and will begin writing our extended response.

5^th Grade Science
We have completed our first unit of an introduction to the scientific method. Students had a test this past Wednesday. We will be moving into our next unit of chemistry. For the week, students will have an in class project research one specific element assigned by the teacher. The projects will be due on Monday, October 16^th. Please see the homework document for links to the requirements of the project; it will be updated on Tuesday with the links.

6^th Grade Science
We are still having a large focus on science fair. This past week students narrowed down their essential questions (research questions for their review of literature). This upcoming week, students will be working in class on answering their essential questions writing two well thought paragraphs with in-text citations. Please see samples and the project rubric, which are linked in the homework document.

5^th Grade Social Studies
Students are finishing their first unit of study, the birth of civilization. They have learned that history does not date all the way back to the beginning of time, just when a record of what has happened was first started. They will be working on a three paragraph essay with their reflections on the Birth of Civilizations. The next unit will be focused on the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.

6^th Grade Social Studies
Students have just finished learning about Ancient Greece and enjoyed learning about the still recognizable landmarks that are in existence today. We will be starting our next unit covering The Renaissance, which is always an enjoyable unit of study for students. This unit will begin the week of October 16.
Important Updates

Long Distance Classic
The annual LDC is scheduled for Thursday, October 12^th. Please see the schedule by clicking the side link.

Orange Ruler
Our Orange Ruler fundraising drive is off to a very good start! We wanted to thank those of you that have already registered your child/ren at orangeruler.com/signup, donated and also sent donation invites to friends and family to help your child, our classes and the school. And on a personal note, it is refreshing to work with Orange Ruler again as they offer a uniquely new style of fundraiser and program that aligns directly with the positive themes we as teachers and you as parents are already promoting to the children – messages centered around encouraging teamwork, believing in yourself, thinking of others, being active, etc.
Our classes are already having a fun time with the program, and we are excited to work together as a team to help raise money for both the good of our class and our school. Each donation from your friends, your family and you will have the added benefit of not only increasing your child’s chances to win daily drawing prizes but also increasing the chances that our entire class will receive fun team-based rewards and memorable experiences (detailed within both the parent letter and the online system).

Thank you again for your support with this important fundraiser and program, it is greatly appreciated.

Water Bottles
We are allowing the students to keep water bottles during the day and have spoken with them about understanding that they need to limit their water intake, so they do not need the restroom so much during the day. We are okay with water bottles as long as it does not become a distraction or issue. Should that happen, we will notify you of the change.
5th Grade Homework Document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NkiWWQYevZl9QVzkBWCLlVfSB_Z9X8xYFDPL...)
6th Grade Homework Document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K_Ak5nHJjq1vdr4TdMiVLI1tI5DTB_mpsJnj...)
Long Distance Classic (https://gallery.mailchimp.com/36d3c30f7a88f0ed7e47a8ab2/files/f88d9842-9...)

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