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5th/6th Team Newsletter
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** 5th/6th Grade Families

We hope you are excited about the perspective of some nice weather (finally!!!). Please see the important curricular updates, and keep in mind a lot is happening this coming week.

5/6 Grade Team Update
We are excited about our upcoming Fine Arts residency where local artists will be working with students to create ceramic pieces which will be part of a larger mosaic. The 5th grade residency will be on Wednesday, May 2nd from 3:00 - 4:00 PM, 6th grade will be on Thursday, May 3rd from 1:00 - 2:00 PM. If you are interested in volunteering your assistance (it is greatly needed and appreciated), please click the LINK. (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c4aafab29abfe3-lasalle)

6th Grade Update
Camp Edwards is quickly approaching. The team is working to assign partners, and we ask that you continue to monitor the weather for East Troy, Wisconsin. Our departure date is Wednesday, May 9th. Students can bring gear and donated snacks to school and enter from the Sedwick side doors to drop off. We will depart LLA at 9:00. Our return date is Friday, May 11. We plan to arrive as close to 4:00 PM to alleviate any conflicts with sibling pick up and bus riders. Please see the links below for necessary information.
Snack Donation Sign-Up (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LJzo-xhMSiXTFd_dJS_jKVAXVmzd2qxtCUV1...)
Suggested Packing List (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Z5GGfk1mOBAvdFYqFN3mE7IwI6zgYvghYoD...)

5th Grade Update
There is a 5th grade field trip to Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on Friday, May 11th. The cost is $10. If you have not already turned in your permission slip, please do so. Extra slips can be asked for by Ms. Lopez and Ms. Murphy. If you are interested in chaperoning, please indicate on the permission slip. There is a limited number of free chaperones if you are interested in joining and all the slots are filled, you are welcome to join, please understand that you may need to pay your admission.
Curriculum Updates

5th Grade
We are continuing our study of fractions. This week and next week will specifically focus on dividing whole numbers by unit fractions and unit fractions by whole numbers. Students are able to divide using the traditional algorithm (keep change flip) and also explain why that works using models. After fractions, we will be moving on to volume. Please note that Singapore skill sets 8a, 8b and 9 are due on May 4th.
6th Grade
These past few weeks we have been studying ratios and rates, and this week we extended this idea to dimensional analysis, converting units (customary and metric). Next week we will begin our final portion of the ratios and proportion unit with percents. Please note that Singapore skill sets 11 & 12 are due on May 4th.

5th Grade
Students are working in a mystery unit right now. We are looking at how word choice impacts the building of a mystery. In writing, students are crafting a mystery short story of their own. Students are also studying Greek and Latin roots as well as figurative language. Just a reminder-reader response homework is due every Friday.
6th Grade
Students are studying poetry. They are reading novels in verse in book clubs and learning to annotate and analyze poetry. Students will be starting an argument writing unit where students will research on a chosen topic, and then write persuasive speeches. Just a reminder-reader response homework is due every Friday.

Social Studies
5th Grade
Students will study the Mesoamerican cultures - who they were, where they lived, how they lived, how they were alike, and how they were different from one another. Students will examine how religion and government were linked together in these civilizations. They will also study the impact of the achievements made by these cultures. Finally, students will explain the downfall of the Mesoamerican civilizations.
6th Grade
Students have started their study of the Industrial Revolution. We are currently investigating why the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain. Students will trace the expansion of the Industrial Revolution to continental Europe and the United States. Students will also examine the positive and negative effects of increasingly urbanized society. We will also point out the problems experienced by workers as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and explain how workers attempted to deal with those problems.

5th Grade
Students have just started their new unit of physics. This unit is designed with the frame of mind that the students are assuming the roles of junior NASA rocket scientists. They have already begun with their first scenario learning about the right amount of fuel for their rocket. Throughout the unit, they will learn about the various forces that affect rockets and other moving objects, Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion, and various formulas to calculate speed, acceleration and deceleration, distance traveled and others. This coming week they will be continuing to build and reinforce this information. Soon students will begin working on their water bottle rocket. For this project, students will need an empty 2-liter bottle, and they also may be asking for other parts to add to their rocket. Please remember that there is a weekly quiz at the start of each week, covering the previous week's lessons. Retakes for all weekly quizzes are always on Wednesday, during office hours.
6th Grade
Students are currently learning about plate tectonics. We have come to understand that over time the earth has changed. Continents have been joined together, broken apart and spread over time. Students now understand that geologic time is much longer than relative time. We are now about to learn about convection currents in the mantle which is the cause of the movement of the plates. Please remember that there is a weekly quiz at the start of each week, covering the previous week's lessons. Retakes for all weekly quizzes are always on Tuesday, during office hours.
5th Grade Homework Document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NkiWWQYevZl9QVzkBWCLlVfSB_Z9X8xYFDPL...)
6th Grade Homework Document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K_Ak5nHJjq1vdr4TdMiVLI1tI5DTB_mpsJnj...)

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