5th/6th Grade Newsletter

5th/6th Grade Newsletter

5th/6th Team Newsletter
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** 5th/6th Grade Families
November 14, 2017
Hello 5/6 Parents,

Below you will find the academic updates for your child in each of their core classes. We have completed the 1st grading period and report card pick up is this coming Wednesday, November 15th from 11:00 - 6:00 with a teacher lunch period from 2:30 - 3:30. Please remember that the 5th/6th-grade format for report card pick up and conferences are based on a first come, first served basis for each of the core teachers. This means that if you would like to speak to any of the team members, you should plan to expect a waiting time depending on the line for each teacher. We also would like to remind you that conferences are an opportunity for parents and teachers to speak and students are not able to join the conference.

We look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you on Wednesday, November 15th.

** Curriculum Updates

5th Grade
We are starting our topic on multiplying multi-digit whole numbers using models and traditional methods. We reviewed patterns we noticed when multiplying by powers of ten, and will move onto estimating products. Finally, we will focus on the traditional algorithm and using multiplication in word problems. I’ve asked the students to bring their books to class every day this quarter, please note that they can access their workbooks online at pearsonrealize.com (https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/) .
6th Grade
We are starting our topic on integers and rational numbers. We defined integers this week and made connections to real-world examples. Students will then practice plotting rational numbers on the number line and coordinate plane. I’ve asked the students to bring their books to class every day this quarter, please note that they can access their workbooks online at pearsonrealize.com

5th Grade
We have begun our survival unit. During this unit, students will be reading a shared text, along with a text that is at their instructional reading level. Students will be exploring the many types of survival. We are currently focusing on how authors develop characters, as well as the plot. We will also be learning how authors use figurative language.
6th Grade
6th graders have started a science fiction/fantasy unit. During this unit, students will be reading a shared text, along with a text that is at their instructional reading level. We will be working on how parts of a novel fit into the overall structure building the plot, theme, and setting. Each week, students will learn different forms of figurative language within the context of our shared novel.

5th Grade
Students have received their first project! The class will create a newspaper called The Ancient Times. The newspaper will include news articles, comics, and advertisements, and each student from the class will complete a different section of the newspaper. Students will have some time to work on their project in class but are also expected to work on it at home. We will also continue with our Mesopotamia unit in class.
6th Grade
Students are currently working on their Renaissance Unit project. They have been researching on five different topics with their group in class. When they are done with the research, they will then start working on their script and prompts for the video they will construct. I can’t wait to see the final product. If you would like to look at an example of the type of video the students will be doing click here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g46M4HwYTU0) . Keep in mind the topics will be different.

5th Grade
We have begun our new unit on chemistry and students are actively engaged in hands-on lab investigations as well as classroom learning activities with supplemental text. We are understanding what elements are and how different substances and mixtures can be created by combining different amounts of elements. There will be a test the conclusion of our second investigation. A date will be solidified soon, as of now it is planned to happen before Thanksgiving break.
6th Grade
Students are continuing their first unit of study with geology, and the focus is on rocks and minerals. We are learning the properties of rocks and minerals and applying those properties to identifying different rocks and minerals. With the new unit of study, there is a weekly quiz covering past material at the start of each school week. Please speak with your child about reviewing their science notebook from the prior week to review and prepare for the upcoming quiz. Students are also actively working on the final steps of their science fair investigations. A first draft is due on Monday, November 13th. Science fair display boards are being ordered and should arrive before Thanksgiving break.
Important Updates
Water Bottles – We are allowing the students to keep water bottles during the day and have spoken with them about understanding that they need to limit their water intake, so they do not need the restroom so much during the day. We are okay with water bottles as long as it does not become a distraction or issue. Should that happen, we will notify you of the change.

Supplies - This past week homeroom teachers checked all student supplies to see what is still needed. We spoke with all students about this and ask that you assist with keeping extra supplies at home that will be used throughout the year. As an example, students do not need to carry all of their pencils with them. We recommended they keep no more than four pencils with them at one time and as lead runs out, replace it with another.

5th Grade Homework Document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NkiWWQYevZl9QVzkBWCLlVfSB_Z9X8xYFDPL...)
6th Grade Homework Document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K_Ak5nHJjq1vdr4TdMiVLI1tI5DTB_mpsJnj...)

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