Food Adjective Flashcards

Students should make flashcards for all of their food adjectives, which is in their notebooks. This is due Wednesday 12/13. 

Quiz on food vocabulary is Monday. Practice packet is due Friday.

3rd graders will have a quiz on Monday, 11/13 on the food vocabulary we've been learning this week. Be sure to study!

They will have practice homework Thursday night, due Friday.

The next deadline for Rosetta Stone will be October 31st!

Kindergarten = 2 hours total
3rd grade = 4 hours total
5th grade = 3 hours total
7th grade = 3 hours total

study for quiz tomorrow!

Vocabulary quiz tomorrow! Study using quizlet or your notes from class

Students should study vocabulary for classroom phrases in preparation for Friday's quiz. There is also a quizlet set I created that they can access via the Internet. See the link below

quizlet link:

There is a listening quiz on Friday, September 22 on our classroom objects. Students must finish their flashcards for Thursday, September 21. Then they should be using them to study in preparation for the quiz.

Flashcards due: 9/21
Quis: 9/22