Gli Oggetti della Cucina

Read aloud the two filastrocche until you are able to do it easily. Do not forget that the words that have CHI or CHE sound like KI and KE in Italian.
Study the words related to the objects of the kitchen. Write sentences using the verbs servire, sedersi, bere, scrivere, cucinare giocare such as La palla serve per giocare etc.
Study by heart the verb servire. Review the verb fare, andare, essere, and avere.

Gli oggetti di cucina

Study/review the name of the planets, and the objects used in the kitchen. Carry on memorizing the poem about the planets.

I hope you all had a wonderful week!

I Pianeti

Study the names of the planets. Start studying the poem about the planets by hear. Next week on Wednesday you have to know the poem.
Review the conjugation of the following verbs: dormire, sentire, partire, aprire, (3rd conjugation) sorridere, vincere, scrivere (2nd conjugation), essere, avere, andare.